Hardy Plants For Shop Owners With No Time To Care For Them

Unless you happen to own a garden centre or other similar retail business, you've probably never thought about selling plants. But they can actually be a nice additional source of revenue if you fit a few into your stock.

From gift shops to specialist food retailers, potted houseplants can boost your sales and even bring new customers to your business. Houseplants have become extremely popular in recent years, even among younger adults.

The only problem, for many retail business owners, is the thought that plants will take up a lot of time with the extra time required to keep them watered and healthy. However, that doesn't need to be the case. Choose some plants that require minimal care and you'll be able to enjoy the benefits without the hassle.


Since they grow naturally in dry conditions, the cactus family is one of your best bets if you want to stock plants that are pretty much zero maintenance. You can forget to water them for an extremely long time and they'll be fine, so once you have them in stock you can pretty much forget they're there. They also come in many interesting varieties, and people love them.


This plant, which comes in quite a few different types, has become popular and trendy recently. And the good news is that, like cacti, it's a succulent that does best when it's dry. It has a distinctive appearance that helps drive impulse sales.


A classic in the houseplant world, ivy's beautiful variegated leaves always grab attention in shop displays. Ivy's hardiness means it will tolerate both periods of dryness and occasional overwatering, so it doesn't need much fuss to look after until it's sold.


Loved for its pretty blooms and its unique scent, lavender is a tough plant that will usually grow well in varying conditions. Once it's delivered, it won't matter if you forget to water it, but it will probably sell fast anyway.

Snake plant

One of the most difficult to kill plants on the list, snake plants have unusual upright foliage that's made them popular houseplants. It will forgive you if you forget all about it once you've put it out for sale.


Although you might not know to look at it, the kalanchoe is a succulent like aloe and cacti. That means watering is not a priority, and with quite a wide range of different coloured blooms, kalanchoes are always a good seller.

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